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5 films with flowers as protagonists

Today we will talk about movies, more specifically the relationship of the film with flowers.

Almost every film, I venture to say all, they have a symbol or sign accompanies protoginstas throughout the hitoria. Sometimes both are words that are repeated throughout history, and of which only they know their meaning. Others are objects, some hanging or photograph, who kept it in a drawer when they were children and found years later by the protagonists remember and maybe, probably (remember it’s a movie) recovering the lost love, get back together. And sometimes these symbols are represented by flowers.

They are things that help you arecordar. Things that you remember a movie or an important scene, those that are marked.

We have made a selection of 5 films from putlocker that have come to mind when thinking of flowers, and that is, as with certain actors, what would become of certain movies without flowers ?, we lose wonderful scenes from movies like:


1. American Beauty

“Mythical” Who does not associate this film with Red roses? The protagonist Kevin Spacey has different fantasies throughout history, scenes that differ from reality thanks to the presence of rose petals that appear everywhere.

Source: IMDB.com

2. Jumanji

Other flowers. These are just as beautiful as roses, but something more dangerous. I think we all remember the movie Jumanji and the great forest that is mounted on the house of the Parrish. The small Kirsten Dunst is attacked by a carnivorous plants, which fortunately do not exist, or at least we do not have in Mayoflor.😉



3. Bigfish

Sure you’ve done crazy for love, or perhaps you have declared a difente way .. What would you be able to do to show your love?

Edward, the protagonist of Bigfish, decided to plant yellow daffodils, the favorite flower of the girl he is in love, around the house to show their love.

Source: IMDB.com

4. Under the same star.

In this case, the protagonist are floral tulips. They appear throughout the film as a link between parallel stories. And as a symbol of unfinished stories. Highly recommended this beautiful love story. <3

Source: 4bluestones.biz

Source: 4bluestones.biz

5. 40 Days and 40 Nights

A romantic comedy, ending with good taste. In this film the flowers are not actors, nor the link, not a symbol .., in this film the flowers are one of the most romantic and beautiful scenes of history. That moment with Josh Harnett and white orchids where love and more love repira.

Source: IMDB

And, less carnivorous plants, flowers at the end are always related in one way or another with love. And like in the movies always love triumphs always have beautiful scenes of films related to flowers.

You are only 5 of the long list of movies with reference to the flowers.Share yours with us. Which is your favorite? What movie you remember or you comes to mind when you think of flowers?

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